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Flexible PVC Piping
Installing flexible PVC piping saves you time and money. Flexible PVC pipe has become the preferred choice of the Aquascape construction crew. We switched from more rigid poly pipe for our plumbing installations which dramatically simplified assembly and increased our productivity. Furthermore, unlike solid PVC, flexible PVC won't crack in freezing winter temperatures. In addition, the slip fitting and joints are oversized allowing greater water flow, unlike the barbed insert fitting of poly pipe. In tight areas where there are a lot of twists and turns, installing flexible PVC is the only option. Although flexible PVC pipe is more costly than poly pipe, the time and aggravation you'll save by using flexible PVC will more than make up the difference in cost. 25' increments.
  1.5" PVC Flex per foot ($1.95)
  2" PVC Flex per foot ($2.50)

PCV Pipe Fittings

1. a. 2" x 1.5" MPT x Slip ($4.45)
b. 2" x 2" MPT x Slip ($2.95)
c. 3" x 3" MPT x Slip ($6.95)
2. a.1.5" Ball Valve (Indicate Slip or FPT) ($24.95)
b. 2" Ball Valve (Indicate Slip or FPT)  ($29.95)
3. a.Pressure Relief Valve ($24.95)
4. a. 1.5" Coupling Slip x Slip ($1.95)
b. 2" Coupling Slip x Slip ($2.95)
c. 3" Coupling Slip x Slip ($4.45)
5. a. 2" Bulkhead Fitting ($15.99)
b. 3" Bulkhead Fitting  ($33.95)

Manifold Assemblies
Splits pump discharge into 2 separate lines.
  Manifold 2" x 2" ($59.95)
  Manifold 3" x 3" ($59.95)

Check Valve Assemblies
You need a check valve assembly to hook up your pump to your plumbing. The check valve also prevents water from draining out of the BIOFALLS® and simplifies pump removal.


Model #
Pipe Dia. Fits Pump Skimmer Price
VALV 015 WGP060
1.5" WGP-60 Standard $59.95
1.5" Aquascape Standard $59.95
2" Aquascape, 4-PU, 8-PU & 7000 Standard/
2" 4-PU, 8-PU, 7000 & 9500 Grande $59.95
CVA 2"-3" Conversion Kit
Converts 7000 & 9500 to 3" (use with VALV 002 models) $18.95