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String Algae Buster
At Aquascape Designs, string algae growing in our customers' ponds has been a pain in our rear for years! You see, our Pro Pond Ecosystem pond kits would keep ponds from turning green but had little effect on string algae. Clear water containing the typical nutrients found in water gardens simply grows string algae when exposed to the sun! Not anymore! String Algae Buster™ is the answer to our dreams and the end of our string algae problem. Not a chemical • 100% safe for fish • Fortified with bacteria • Treats 6300 gallons (1000 gallon pond for 3 months) A 2 lb. container of String Algae Buster™ treats 6300 gallons, which should treat a typical 11' x 16' pond for 2 to 3 months. The bulk container treats 22,000 gals.
  Each ($44.99)
  12 or more - each  ($37.99)
  Bulk Container ($119.95)

AquaCleaner Bacteria
Adding bacteria periodically to a water feature is one of the most important things you can do to maintain clear, healthy water. Add bacteria in the spring to start your system, in the summer to spike it periodically and in the fall to maintain it. Bacteria is all natural and not a chemical! It's safe for fish and plants. Directions on how to use it come on each bottle. Dry bacteria has a longer shelf life of two years as opposed to liquid which is one year, although liquid is faster acting on new ponds than the dry. String algae that grows on the rocks is healthy and natural. Using bacteria will curb its growth but periodic weeding may be necessary!
  Dry 4 ounce. ($16.95)
  Case of 12 ($149.99)
  Dry 1 pound. ($29.95)
  Case of 12 ($299.95)
  Liquid 1 quart. ($22.49)
  Case of 12 ($163.99)
  Liquid 1 gallon. ($44.95)
  Case of 4 ($172.99)

Aquascape Designs Activated Carbon
Safely clear "tea" colored pond water. Aquascape Designs Activated Carbon is highly effective at removing dissolved organics from the pond water, such as stains and discoloration caused by leaves and organic debris. Activated carbon is also an effective method to remove the build up of harmful chlorine and chloramines caused by city tap water. Typically, 5 pounds of activated carbon will treat approximately 1,000 gallons or for example, the average 11' x 16' pond for two months.
17 pounds ($135.99)

Barley Matts
Designed to be placed between Biofalls® filter mats. Added algae control naturally. We've had good success with this product. Lasts for 2-3 months.
  Mini - Treats up to 750 gallons ($29.98)
  Standard - Treats up to 1,000 gallons ($52.48)
  Grande - Treats up to 2,500 gallons ($82.48)