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Liners and Underlayment

Concrete, fiberglass, plastic, rubber. With all these pond construction options how do you know which one is the best to choose? Your base is the foundation of the entire pond. Your decision on which base to use should be made with a combination of factors in mind. Quality of the material, ease of installation, durability, and budget. We have found that for 90% of water feature construction, 45mil fish-safe EPDM rubber lining is the best choice. EPDM liner is flexible and easy to install. It is also guaranteed against defects by the manufacturer for 20 years.
Furthermore, we cover our liners completely with tons of boulders and gravel. This not only gives the appearance of a stream bottom, but also prevents UV light from degrading the liner (especially advantageous in sunny areas). A successful pond begins with the base... Don't cut corners!

45 mil EPDM Liners
Fish Safe! (not roofing liner) 50' and 100' Standard* Roll Width (ft) Larger roll lengths available in 10', 15' and 20' widths. (96 per sq. ft.)

10 x 50 or 100
15 x 50 or 100
20 x 50 or 100
25 x 50 or 100
30 x 50 or 100
35 x 50 or 100
40 x 50 or 100
45 x 50 or 100
50 x 50 or 100

40 mil EPDM Liners
Ultra strong liner of choice for larger projects. Minimum size 50 ft. x 100 ft. (68 per sq. ft.)

35 mil EPDM Liners
For large jobs such as lake installations. (40 per sq. ft.)

This soft, polyethylene fabric will last 20+ years under your liner. It is a 3-dimensional underlayment that allows gas to escape. It has a non-slippery surface and provides protection for the liner from rocks and other sharp objects, spreads easily, and saves time compared to using newspaper or sand. This is a needle-punched Geotextile, and only comes in 15 ft. width. (21 per sq. ft.)

Tape Primer
Cleans and prepares liner for seaming. 1 pint. ($23.99)

Liner Patch
5.5" reinforced patch seals accidental holes in liner. ($4.50)

Liner Tape
Two piece, cut per foot. ($3.95 per ft.)