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Pipe Cutter
A pipe cutter is an invaluable tool for quick and easy cutting of plumbing pipe on the job site, It is easier to use than a hack saw and makes a cleaner cut for leak free joints. ($29.99)

Water Fill Valves
This valve kit will add a small amount of water as needed to counter the effects of evaporation.
Fill valve. ($39.99)
Garden hose adaptor. ($9.95)
1/2" Poly 100' ($23.45)
2 Hose faucet adaptor. ($8.99)

Underwater Lights and Low Voltage Transformer
The PondGlow Lighting Kit includes: 20W submersible light with 20' cord, 12V weatherproof transformer with timer and 28" cord, 3000 hour average life quartz halogen bulb, 4 mounting brackets. ($134.95)
Extra light with connector. ($68.95)
12 Volt transformer for six 20W lights. ($74.99)
Replacement bulb. ($10.25)

Click and Plug Connector
Makes connecting lights to transformer a “snap”. Included with each light. Can also be ordered separately. ($8.99)

Installation Kit
Includes patch tape, PVC primer and glue, tube of silicone and 16 oz. can of black foam. ($34.49)
Silicone only. ($6.75)
Do-It-Yourself foam only. ($13.50)


Ice Chaser Floating Pond De-Icer
This 1250 watt de-icer operates automatically only during freezing temperatures. The Ice Chaser's elements are encased in aluminum for durability, safety and efficiency. Safe for use in all ponds - plastic liner or concrete. Thermostatically controlled. UL listed. ($44.99)

Recirculating Pump and Basket Kit
Little Giant PE-1-WG pump and strainer basket with FHK-1 fountain head kit. Suitable for small goldfish ponds to circulate water in summer, or to keep a hole open in the ice in winter. For winter deicing or a summer fountain, all in one unit. ($85.99)

Chloramine, Chlorine, and Ammonia Neutralizer. Instantly neutralizes chloramines to prepare tap water. Automatically treats either chloramine, chlorine or ammonia! Phosphate and Nitrate free. Professional quality, returns water to a natural state. Ecologically responsible. Treats 5,000 gallons. ($14.99)

Colored Vinyl Light Lenses
Add a touch of color to the night-time pond scene with these colorful vinyl inserts. Fits Aquascape Underwater Lights and comes in a variety pack of four colors (red, green, blue & yellow). ($7.45)