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Fish Supplies

Pond Care Spring & Autumn Pond Food
An outdoor pond fish's unique nutritional requirements cannot be satisfied by feeding a single type of food throughout the entire year. The fish's metabolism and dietary requirements vary, depending on seasonal behavior changes and water temperature. Pond Care Seasonal Foods are formulated to harmonize with the seasonal dietary requirements of Koi and other pond fish. Contains a stabilized vitamin C to help maintain the immune system of pond fish.
Use spring & Autumn Pond Food for feeding fish when the water temperature is cool, between 42F (5.5C) and 70F (21.1C). A high carbohydrate, reduced protein diet for spring and autumn feeding.
  1/2 Gallon. ($14.28)
  1 Gallon. ($22.89)
  5 Gallon. ($75.41)

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Koi and Goldfish Mini Floating Pellets
Pond fish food by the Koi people. Proven through 30 years of Koi hatchery experience. New color enhancing  food with spirulina, tagetes, and canthaxanthin. Stabilized with Vitamin C. Nutritionally complete. Completely digestible.

Guaranteed analysis:
Crude Protein not less than 36%
Crude Fat not less than 6%
Crude Fiber not less than 5%
Phosphorus not more than 7.5%
Ash not more than 8.5%
Added Minerials not more than 2.5%

 2 pounds. ($5.95)