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Creative Water Gardens addresses the multitude of problems associated with improperly constructed ponds. These include concrete ponds and ponds without proper biological filtration in the form of naturalized waterfalls. Often these ponds incorporate the use of an ineffective and unsightly 'filtration' system. In almost all cases these ponds have suspended algae problems (green water), an exposed ugly black liner and plants seen in unsightly plastic containers.

Creative Water Gardens is able to completely naturalize the pond and install a BioFalls, which eliminates not only the green water problem but creates a natural appearance to you water garden. The black liner is both hidden and protected from damaging UV radiation, and marginal shelves are created in which the aquatic plants grow - eliminating plastic containers. The result is crystal clear water and a completely naturalized water feature.

If you have an obsolete concrete pond, we are able to retrofit it into a completely naturalized, low maintenance water garden - you would never guess a concrete pond exists under the finished product. See our Galleries for pictures of a concrete pond conversion.

We supply all water garden construction materials, support products and accessories, including aquatic plants and fish. All materials are 100% natural, work with Mother Nature, and are fish safe. See our Supplies section for details.

Professional Assistance for Do It Yourself Projects

Creative Water Gardens offers professional assistance for the client desiring to construct his own water feature. Building you own water garden with our professional assistance allows you to achieve up to thousands of dollars in savings, yet assures a professional and trouble-free installation. See Do It Yourself for details.

Feel free to email or call us for a list of our satisfied customers.

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