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Design and Construction of Distinctive Water Features

Creative Water Gardens specializes in the design and construction of distinctive, naturalized water features with attention to detail. We utilize methods that are state of the art and use materials which are researched and developed by the industry's largest and most successful water garden suppliers.

Our water gardens include both residential and commercial installations that incorporate waterfalls, streams and ponds.

These naturalized water gardens require astonishingly little maintenance. Periodic emptying of leaves from the skimmer net and adding beneficial bacteria is essentially the extent of regular care. We take advantage of proven biological principles to maintain clear, clean water without the use of unsightly and costly filtration systems and chemicals. These beautiful gardens are naturally self-regulating ecosystems requiring significantly less maintenance than if the area were planted in grass.

When you contract for a design consultation, we begin by sending an informative video and literature to educate you on the concepts of a naturalized water garden. Our designer will then travel to your home or business for the design consultation, which usually takes about two hours. We will discuss the layout and specific features of your water garden design such as the number of waterfalls, streams, shallow pools, etc. and your particular outdoor environment. Back at the office we develop a specific site plan for your water feature. From that we produce a spec sheet clearly detailing all necessary materials, labor and charges. A water garden contract will then be presented with a target date set for the construction as determined by weather.

Soon you will be relaxing to the wonderful sights and sounds of your own unique, custom designed water feature.

Feel free to email or call us for a list of our satisfied customers.

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