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Do It Yourself and Save Thousands When You Build Your Own
Water Garden With Our Professional Assistance.

Creative Water Gardens is a distributor of Acquascape Designs Pro Pond kits. These kits contain everything needed for pond construction including how-to video and construction manual and contain the same contractor grade materials used in our professional installations. Our clients have had great success and satisfaction in creating their own water gardens.

See Supplies for kits and pricing.

Simply provide us with your pond dimensions and within days a custom assembled pond kit will arrive at your door.

In addition, our company will calculate the pond rock necessary for completion and assist you with local ordering. Utilizing our kits takes any guesswork out and makes the installation straightforward and enjoyable. These kits contain the same contractor grade materials used in our professional installations.

For those more comfortable with a professional on-site, Our designer will arrive at your home or business anywhere in the United States and consult with you to determine your water feature's design, layout and custom pond kit components. The design will be marked out and the required type and amount of rock will be determined for local ordering. Our installer can then return and perform most technical aspects of the installation including installing the Biofalls, skimmer box and plumbing at the proper water levels.

Having performed these technical and critical procedures leaves you, the home or business owner, to perform the fun and creative parts of the construction. You enjoy a high level of satisfaction and also a potential savings of 50-60%. That can translate into $2,500-$10,000 depending on the size of your water feature.

To make the process even easier, a how-to video and installation manual is provided, and our staff can personally and promptly handle any questions or concerns during every phase of construction.

As always Creative Water Gardens stands by ready to provide any technical assistance you may need. See our Galleries for examples of the possibilities.

Feel free to email or call us and set up your consultation today.

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